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WeAreON - The World's Devices Online


WeAreON is a web-based service that helps individual users, small or medium sized businesses and corporates keep track of all their computing devices. A range of software clients, coupled with our server infrastructure, will give users a detailed view of the activity and performance of any systems.

  • Create a user account and wait until you receive a confirmation email, then follow the instructions it contains to activate an account
  • Download the free WeAreON client software (as many times as you like) and install it on all of the devices you want to manage
  • Once the client software is installed, enter your user account name and password in the client's Control Panel to take ownership of all the data associated with your devices

If you take a look at our systems list page you will notice that every entry is a device somewhere in the world.

Customers are quickly seeing the benefit of keeping track of their computing devices using WeAreON (security of assets, location, usage patterns by device and by user, uptime, downtime to name but a few reasons).

Whilst our service is free, an annual subscription is available for users and organizations that better need to manage for example, the large amounts of data that would be returned by 100’s or 1’000s of systems.

Subscription features include the ability to have customized web portals, namespaces, mash-ups, XML feeds and advanced reporting capabilities.

Subscription pricing starts at UK PDS 2,500 per annum.

WeAreON Software

WeAreON Software

"Without the data, the tools are useless; without the software, the data is unmanageable. Software licensing and control over APIs - the lever of power in the previous era - is irrelevant because the software never need be distributed but only performed."

Tim O'Reilly, 09/30/2005 [1]

Target Markets

Chris Cardell, "Leading Edge Information to Grow your Business and Increase your Profits"...

"...if there is a secret to your success it is to stop worrying about your success and start thinking about the success of your customers and potential customers. Pay attention to their problems, their needs. Go out of your way to make their lives easier, to put a bit of joy into their lives. Will the occasional one still treat you badly? Sure but who cares. The majority will be simply stunned by the way you are so different from the masses"

Cardell Media

WeAreON will help you manage computing devices - whether individually or grouped together. Our target market therefore is vast; Internet Kiosks, Retail Music systems, Digital Signage appliances, corporate PCs (especially laptops), servers in a data centre etc. etc.

We believe that even individual users will find WeAreON useful - users who might be PC gamers or members of a club can group together and see when and where their devices (people) are online.

In summary: -

  • The Company’s first prospective customers will be businesses who have a need to manage a large number of remote computing devices. Most probably - Kiosk, Retail Music, Screen Network and Digital Signage Providers within EMEA.
  • PC monitoring services are still firmly entrenched in the software life cycle world of buy, license, deploy. We believe in modernizing this deployment method by adopting Web 2.0 and viral approaches to development and marketing respectively. Our software is free. Individuals and corporates alike will be encouraged to download it free of charge. Via a series of XML based parameters users are able to modify and tailor it for their own particular purpose.
  • Scope for Expansion: Any business that deploys a computing device as part of its offering is a potential customer (ISPs, OEM hardware manufacturers, etc.)
  • Potential New Markets: Our core technology can be further developed to create a number of new applications for EPOS systems and new computing devices such music players, set-top boxes, PVRs, car accessories etc.

Standards Compliance

Standards Compliance

Management Team

Our Team

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