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One of the most important considerations before installing a number of devices to use the WeAreOn service is the device naming convention you will use to identify each device. This could be a combination name which contains information related to its geographical location, a device number, device type, physical connection location, or any other piece of information which would be useful to see in the WeAreOn systems list. Also bear in mind that the device names could be sorted in alphabetical order in the list, so you may find it useful to construct the naming convention with this in mind. It just depends on what pieces of information are most useful to you.


Example 1

A set of "M2" type devices located in various towns in the UK could be named:

  • M2 Birmingham
  • M2 Leeds
  • M2 London
  • M2 Manchester

Example 2

It may be more useful to name them primarily with a unit number that your organization uses internally, with the actual town locations being of secondary importance:

  • M2 001 London
  • M2 002 Leeds
  • M2 003 Birmingham
  • M2 004 Manchester

Example 3

You might also want to know what the version of each "M2" device is. You may be able to tell this by looking at the details for each system (click on the System ID link on the systems list), but that would be inconvenient for a large list. It might instead be useful to have that as part of the name for an easy overview on the main list itself:

  • M2 001 London V3
  • M2 002 Leeds V2
  • M2 003 Birmingham V2
  • M2 004 Manchester V2

The ability to tag systems with user defined attributes, such as geographic location, device type, and so on, will make it easier to view selected lists of devices in ways more meaningful for your needs. This should mean that there is no need to cram as much information as possible into the device name, which could become inflexible for you. On the other hand it is still a good idea to make the naming as distinctive as possible in a way most useful to you, as a list of devices with the same or similar names can be difficult to distinguish easily, even if tagged in various different ways. As there are many ways you will wish to track devices using WeAreOn, there are many ways to approach naming conventions, but a well thought out scheme initially will be much easier to manage in the future as you add more devices to the list. (the tagging feature is in currently in development and not available yet)

Example 4

You may have a mixture of PC devices in one building, with some being portable, but belonging to the building location:

  • ACMEhouse PC001 Sales 1st flr
  • ACMEhouse PC002 Sales 1st flr
  • ACMEhouse PC003 Sales 1st flr
  • ACMEhouse PC004 Sales 2nd flr
  • ACMEhouse PC005 Sales 2nd flr
  • ACMEhouse PC006 Finance 3rd flr
  • ACMEhouse PC007 Finance 3rd flr
  • ACMEhouse PC008 IT Gnd flr
  • ACMEhouse PC009 IT Gnd flr
  • ACMEhouse PC010 IT Gnd flr
  • ACMEhouse Laptop Sales 001
  • ACMEhouse Laptop Sales 002
  • ACMEhouse Laptop Sales 003
  • ACMEhouse Laptop Sales 004

In this case the information in the device name identifies the building, type and number of each device, the department it's assigned to, and the floor of the building it's on. You would also be able to tell (if you owned the systems in the WeAreOn systems list) by looking at the IP address of each device whether the device was still in the building or not.

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