Installation Using Disk Images

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This document describes the recommended steps to install the WeAreON client in machines that are built using disk imaging tools.

Win32 Service Application

  1. Perform the initial set-up of the system, using existing disk images or CD/DVD supplied by the machine's manufacturer.
  2. Download and install the WeAreON client.
  3. Allow the WeAreON client to connect to the hosts for the first time, which will take a couple of minutes. No change of user name, password or system description should be done at this time.
  4. Create a disk image of the machine, which at this point has a running copy of the WeAreON client that has no owner yet.
  5. Take ownership of the computer's data record, entering user name and password in the WeAreON Control Panel.
  6. Set the machine's description as desired in the WeAreON Control Panel.
  7. Log on to the website. After a few minutes, verify that the machine's data record has the right description and that ownership has changed correctly.
  8. Re-build the system using the disk image built in step 4, and verify that after applying said image, WeAreON is running, and the data record remains unchanged.
  9. The WeAreON installation will be reverted to the state it was before setting the description and taking ownership of the data, but the host will retain what was set-up earlier.
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