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One of the priorities for our web offering is 100% visibility and compatibility with ANY browser, operating system and hardware device.

In many respects this counts as 'graceful degradation' but we also plan not to know too much about what sort of device a user might be using. We certainly never make any assumptions about the bandwidth available, screen resolution, size of screen etc.

Technically we ensure that the server generates as much as possible 'pure' HTML markup to the browser (XSL transformation happens in the PHP script).

Web access should always be pure xhtml and should "never intentionally build web pages that cannot be read by the majority of web browsers - if you experience a problem with a page then let us know your hardware platform, your OS, your web browser and anything else that you think would help us and we will fix it".

We have spent a lot of time developing our user interface so that the system is truly portable (it also helps with scalabilty). What we want to achieve is to help our customers imagine, say; a salesperson or account manager sitting with a customer and being able to show them their systems by bringing out their mobile phone?

300px As you can see from the Blackberry image on this page, users can access the WeAreON interface from almost any device!

300px It also looks good on a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). In this instance a Palm Tungsten T3 (running in Landscape mode).

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